Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hidden Hydro tax

Have you really checked your Hydro bill? I did this recently and discovered I am paying for the inefficiencies of the delivery of Hydro to my property.

On my Hydro invoice there is a line which states “adjusted usage” and adds another 9.2% of my metered kWh usage because of the heat loss of power from some point on the Hydro distribution network to my TOU meter- I then pay for delivery too.

Is this another hidden tax or am I missing something?

How may other companies delivering utilities to your place of residence or business operation charge you an addition 9.2% because their delivery method (transmission lines etc) are not doing their job correctly – this is slam in the face of Hydro consumers.

The unit price for Hydro used ought to be what is metered as I use the power and not have some shrinkage factor added to it.

Please remove this form of added hidden tax from my Hydro bill and bill me exactly what I consume.

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