Friday, April 1, 2011

Internet provider

Just moved over to Distributel from Bell for my internet connection.
I se an IMMEDIATE performance gain from 2.2 Mbs to 22 Mbs for $8 a month less. It would not be beyond the realms of journalism to say I was being ripped off at Bell.

Federal Election

So here we not a week into the electioneering and already all the candidates are giving away millions and BILLIONS of money they do not have. Wake up people we are over $800 BILLION in DEBT paying $90 BILLION a year in interest and need to clear this.
The Canadian government ought to be prosecuted for running a PONZI scheme - one of the largest in the world.

Ask all candidates who you wish to vote for two questions:

1. What is your parties MONETARY Policy - will your party if they get in power take back money creation from the banks?
2. What is your policy on TAX reform?

Nothing else matters until there tow issues are solved because we have no tax money to spend.