Friday, March 9, 2012

2012 KONY - Help bring this person to face justice for his crimes.

Participating in this will change the world forever. If you only do one thing today and that is to look at this video you will be adding a significant contribution to w life for many children around the world.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Create FULL employment while ending poverty in Canada

If you agree with the headline go here and read before signing the petition and then pass along to any one else you fell might be interested.


Monday, March 5, 2012

I purchased my Electric Saver 1200 last year about March and because I moved did not have time to install it until early February this year.

I now own a commercial property which is a retirement home and have the following motors in place:

1. Well pump, oil furnace pump, hot water heating pump - for circulation and a sump pump.
2. One chest freezer, 5-refrigerators.
3. One stair chair lift.
3. Three hot air motorized blower heaters.
4. Two washers and two dryers.
5 Commercial dishwasher.

With all of these motorized appliances my total hydro usage has NOT dropped one measurable percent.

Good going!

Best regards.

Chris Jordan

Honeywell RTH 2310 Thermostat

This product, Honeywell RTH2310  has the WORST install user guide I have ever come across because of the following points:

1. There is no discussion as to how to wire up older two wire thermostats - one black and one white wire.

2. There is no description on hoe to remove the front plate so you can access the wiring terminals - there is a reference to it as you reassemble the thermostat after you have installed it.

3. Missing totally is how to change the display temperature form Fahrenheit to Centigrade and this involves a call to customer support.

Get with the program Honeywell and write usable manuals with your products or has the art of writing died?